Kukri-Beast Noble Gold is a Noble Gold melee variant of Kukri-Beast.


It features the same model and animations of the Kukri-Beast, but it has a full gold plate texture and silver steel texture on its body.

Due to the weapon being a re-skinned version of Kukri-Beast and not a VVIP item, it doesn't have any special effects such as quick draw and slashing effect but it still retains the special slashing sound, however.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan
  • CF North America
  • CF Español
  • CF Philippines (Soon)


  • A glitch in CF Vietnam causes Kukri Beast-Noble Gold (along with its cousin M4A1-S Transformers Noble Gold & Desert Eagle-Born Beast Noble Gold) to not always show up in players' bag, despite being equipped. This results in hilarious effect when joining a game, such as having no Knife in Knife Only rooms, or unable to attack at all when infected (Mutation Mode and variants).
    • If replay is saved and replayed, player characters will be shown wielding a Knife.
    • This glitch can be exploited to obtain Dual Kukri / Dual Axe / IAS Devil Hunter / Mounted Weapons / Ghost Blade, Rappel when playing respective HMX maps, by surviving till the end without switching to any weapon, then press E to turn into Commando / Nemesis / Devil Hunter or just survive until transform into Knight. Once the round ends and players respawn, they will have the Hero's weapon in their Melee slot.
      • Unfortunately, the player can't use the LMB Slash.
      • The damage is copied from the Kukri Noble Gold itself, that means 300HP per RMB click (body - If player uses the IAS Devil Hunter - it has 5 slashes when using RMB, in other case : 1500HP for 5 success hits).
      • For some reason, Dual Kukri won't deal more than 999HP on Mutants.
      • Strangely, only the Dual Axe, Mounted Weapons and the Ghost Blade can go with the player's using characters, while Dual Kukri and IAS Devil Hunter go with the heroes's hand model.



CrossFire China 206:04

CrossFire China 2.0 - Kukri-Beast Noble Gold ☆

Kukri-Beast-Noble Gold - CROSSFIRE China 203:14

Kukri-Beast-Noble Gold - CROSSFIRE China 2.0 EXP

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