Kukri-Gold is a melee variant of the Kukri.


Same with other Gold Weapons, this weapon features a golden texture.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe


  • Although it's one of the Gold Weapon Set, this one doesn't shine compared to the other weapons that belong to that series.
  • In CF Vietnam, Kukri-Gold is specifically mentioned to be a Knife, named Kukri-Gold (knife), something that no other weapons have, even though the in-game name is still correctly named Kukri-Gold. It's likely that SG copied the system file name into Item Name slot and forgot to remove the (knife) word.



CrossFire Vietnam Kukri-Gold (Knife) ☆06:42

CrossFire Vietnam Kukri-Gold (Knife) ☆

CrossFire VN - Kukri Gold09:03

CrossFire VN - Kukri Gold

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