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"Female division of the Special Weapons and Tactics force originally established in Los Angeles. The Lady SWATs are a small group of disciplined female officers who, have proven to be able to hold their own with their male counterparts." - Character description

L.A. SWAT (AKA Pandora, Victoria, Lady SWAT, SWAT Venus) is one of the female characters in CrossFire. Judging by her name, she probably comes from the SWAT division based in Los Angeles.

The GR character wears a light armor suit with dark blue color scheme, similar to SWAT, but it has short shelves, and she wears arms protection with black gloves. BL character sports a more casual outfit with grey/tan color scheme, plus a cap for sunlight protection. She wears a short T-Shirt that reveals her bellybutton, plus straps for shotgun shells on her right arm.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF China
  • CF Korea
  • CF Europe
  • CF Indonesia


  • L.A. SWAT's HUD, like JTF, is a recolored version of SPOP's HUD.
  • Her BL side has a resemblance to SPOP-X's GR side.
  • When first released to CF Vietnam, LA SWAT was somewhat very easy to win - most people managed to get her within 10-20 crates, and the server was swarmed with "[IGN] has won [VICTORIA] from Black Market" announcements. This was likely a glitch on the winning rate and was quietly fixed later on.
  • LA SWAT's gloves in third-person and first-person views are different, having a normal gloves in the third-person view and fingerless gloves in the first-person view. This was fixed in CF China.
  • In CF Philippines, it is the only limited edition character in the Item Shop.
  • In CF Brazil she is a skilled character with the ability to see better in smoke instead of SPOP-X.


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