The LR300ML is a kind of assault rifle featured in CrossFire.


This gun is similar to the SCAR-Light, except a smaller damage model. The gun performs well as an all around assault weapon much like the aforementioned rifle, as it has low recoil, a decent damage rate and a decent spray. Ironically, the gun is compared to the M4A1 even though they have VERY different recoil and spray patterns, but ultimately they are both effective for being low recoil accurate rifles. Also like the M4A1, the LR300 ML can 1 shot headshot at all ranges.

Similarities to the SCAR-Light, LR300ML has a very consistent upwards spray that can be used to hit non-thin targets. The maximum blossom is also very low, allowing consistent bullet placement but will not allow you to easily burst lead to headshots like the M4A1. Generally aim for the upper body as you would with the Scar assault rifles.


  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Southeast Asia
  • CF Spain
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Taiwan
  • CF Russia

Tips & Tricks

  • Burst-firing with the LR300 ML helps in longer range.
  • The LR300 ML can do headshots at all ranges, use this for your advantage.


  • In some Asian versions of CF, the LR300 ML was incorrectly labeled as an "SMG" when is should have been an "Assault Rifle". Still, it was only a cosmetic error and affected nothing else in-game. The bug was corrected in the later patches.


CrossFire - LR300 ML - Weapon Gameplay04:49

CrossFire - LR300 ML - Weapon Gameplay

LR300 ML Gameplay

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