Legend Dragon weapon series is the second installment of seasonal weapon series after Royal Dragon. Only CF China, CF Vietnam, and CF Indonesia updated full weapons in this set, most another version has 3 or 4 guns. The weapons are:


  • Crossfire Indonesia release this variant separately, for the first one MG3 is still sold separately in Capsule Shop. Meanwhile, the Barrett M82A1 and BC-Axe was sold separately as seasonal item. And then the M4A1-XS and SW M66 sold as anniversary capsule with the resell of the BC-Axe.
  • In CrossFire Philippines, the M4A1-XS and the BC-Axe are the only LD weapons available in the Mega Lotto and both weapons are bundled in the Legend Dragon Lotto.
    • But Gameclub managed to add the MG3 and M66 as obtainable rewards in Defense Mode (MG3) and Soul Stone System (M66).

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