M14 EBR-Red Crystal is an assault rifle variant of the M14 EBR.


It is the third Red Crystal weapon after M4A1-Custom RC and Kukri-RC, featuring transparent "Red Crystal" texture. It comes with a 35-round magazine (105 in reverse) with enhanced accuracy and slightly more powerful.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe


  • This gun was scheduled to update in CF Vietnam at July 2013 patch along with Smart Shopper Achievement, but it didn't make it to the final patch. Due to coding error, using the Promotional Coupon allows player to buy this gun permanently instead of 7 days, and VTC decides to go cheap by not releasing this gun instead of requesting a fix. Nowadays, it's regularly offered as event prize for newbie and old-time players - if obtained, players will have the option to renew it like all other Cash item, making it a cheap option to own a M14EBR as long as they have money to renew its renting time every month.



CrossFire - M14EBR Red Crystal - Weapon Gameplay02:47

CrossFire - M14EBR Red Crystal - Weapon Gameplay

M14EBR Red Crystal gameplay

Cross Fire Russia M14 EBR-Red Crystal Review !02:21

Cross Fire Russia M14 EBR-Red Crystal Review !

M14EBR Red Crytal review

CrossFire Vietnam M14EBR-Red Crystal ☆03:31

CrossFire Vietnam M14EBR-Red Crystal ☆

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