"A customized M16 with scope sight, ammo capacity expanded to 35 bullets per clip with boosted power and accuracy."
- in-game description

M16-Scope Camo is an assault rifle variant of M16 featured in CrossFire.


This weapon shares the same desert camouflage pattern with the M16-S Camo, but features a red dot sight instead of a silencer. Other than the desert camo, low power optic, and a 35/105 ammo count, it is similar to the starting M16.

The red dot itself is not actually usable, but instead zooms in when right click is pressed. The rifle's rate of fire also decreases while zoomed in.


  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Europe
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil



CrossFire Philippines 2

CrossFire Philippines 2.0 - M16-Scope Camo ☆

CrossFire test M16 camo T

CrossFire test M16 camo T