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The M16A2 is an upgraded version of the M16 starter weapon.


Compared to its predecessor, the M16A1, the M16A2 is much more stable, and has the capability to have 1-hit headshot kills at any range. This outclasses the M16A1 in every way and puts the M16A2 in the same league as the M4A1 rifles. In some versions, the M16A2 has a higher magazine capacity of 35-rounds with 105 in reserve, while other versions only feature the 30/90 ammunition clip.

With it's low price, solid power and stability, the M16A2 is a very respectable choice for any player and a good addition to anyone's inventory.


  • CF North America
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Europe
  • CF Korea
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Spain


  • While capable of operating fully automatic in game, real-life M16A2 are capable of 3-round burst and semi-automatic only.
  • Because of their similar body shape, M16A2's killmark has "A2" written inside the body to make it different from the M16 Killmark



CrossFire - Colt M16A2 - Weapon Gameplay04:29

CrossFire - Colt M16A2 - Weapon Gameplay

M16A2 Gameplay (CF Vietnam)

Comparison - M16-000:18

Comparison - M16-0

Reloading comparison for M16A1, M16A2, M16-Scope Camo and M16A3 LMG

CrossFire Vietnam M16A2 ☆03:05

CrossFire Vietnam M16A2 ☆

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