M37 Stakeout-Slug obtained the unique appearance after being remodeled and traded in slum black market. This weapon can select either buckshot or slug shell depending on situations.
- Weapon description

M37 Stakeout-Ghetto is a shotgun variant of M37 Stakeout in CrossFire.


M37 Stakeout-Ghetto features a graffiti texture combined with camo bandages on the weapon.

This weapon has similarity to the Ares variant, which is players are able to swap ammo between buckshot or slugs.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Very high damage dealing on slug shell.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • High accuracy on slug shell.
  • Low recoil.
  • High magazine capacity for a pump-action shotgun.
  • Fast pumping action time.
  • Fast reloading time for a single shell.
  • Full wallbang damage on buckshot or slug.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Cannot be fired while reloading.
  • Cannot perform reload-cancel.
  • Requires some time to do a full reload.
  • Requires some time to do perform ammo swap.


  • CrossFire China
  • CrossFire Japan
  • CrossFire Vietnam
  • CrossFire Russia
  • CrossFire Indonesia
  • CrossFire North America
  • CrossFire Europe
  • CrossFire Brazil
  • CrossFire Philippines


  • In CrossFire Vietnam, unlike the Ares capsule, this gun (and the rest of Ghetto weapons) are released with basic prizes (DE-Gold, RPK-Camo, etc) instead of the luxurious one. For this reason, they are relatively cheaper, costing only 12 VCoins/capsule (84 for 10 capsules) instead of 15 like Ares capsule.


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