M4A1-Camo is an assault rifle variant of M4A1.


This is an upgrade version of M4A1 with camouflage skin and an expanded 35-round magazine.

This type of M4A1 is quite good for playing Free For All matches due to its high ammunition and its good weight.

In CFPH, it is one of the obtainable weapons in Supply Boxes in Mutation Mode and variants.


  • In CF Philippines, M4A1 Camo is called "Assault M4A1".
  • This can be purchased only on M4A1 Package. Except in CF Vietnam, because individual version of it in Shop.
  • In CF Brazil, M4A1 Camo was given in an event of 30 crates


CrossFire - M4A1 Camo - Weapon Gameplay04:05

CrossFire - M4A1 Camo - Weapon Gameplay

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