M4A1-Custom Devil Wing is a special variant of the M4A1-Custom assault rifle.


M4A1-Custom Devil Wing features a purple-black color scheme with a glowing purple aura around its body and an animated devil eye on its red dot sight. Similar to Gold Phoenix weapons, it features a special wing effect when drawing and reloading, albeit a dark wing one.

Besides aesthetics, the Devil Wing features the same stats as the original M4A1-Custom, and has a 35 round magazine (+5).


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Español
  • CF Europe
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia (Soon)


  • Just like the Steyr TMP-Death Eye, the M4A1's devil eye pupil constantly opens and closes.
  • Interestingly, like Barrett M82A1-Halloween, the HUD has the "FINE GOLD 999.9" mark on the gun body like Ultimate Gold weapons. Tencent probably reused the Ultimate Gold variant to create a new variant.
  • The weapon in CF Vietnam doesn't have ammo boost, which is also the case with the Brazil variant.
  • Although this M4A1-Custom variant uses the new model, it comes with a brand new red dot sight texture, unlike previous variants using the new model's.



Cross Fire China M4A1-Custom Devil Wing !

Cross Fire China M4A1-Custom Devil Wing !