M4A1-S Beast Noble Gold is a reskin variant of M4A1-S Beast.


Same with other Noble Gold weapons, this gun featured a shiny gold texture combinate with silver metal. Of course, this gun has no VVIP effects from M4A1-S Beast although still has the butt-plate attack and its ridiculously fast reload speed.


  • CF China
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines (Cancelled)


  • This gun had been discovered for a long time in CF China forum, but the first appearance in the game files is in CF North America.
  • CF Philippines is the first version to have a full file of this M4A1-S. This M4A1-S was supposed to be released on July 25 along with DE Born Beast Noble Gold but the GMs cancelled/delayed its release for some unknown reason.



Cross Fire NA UK M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold !-001:42

Cross Fire NA UK M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold !-0

M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold CROSSFIRE China 202:49

M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold CROSSFIRE China 2.0 (EXP)

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