M4A1-S Beast Noble Gold is a Noble Gold assault rifle variant of the M4A1-S Beast.


Same with other Noble Gold weapons, this weapon features a shiny gold texture combinate with silver metal. This gun has no VVIP effects from M4A1-S Beast but it still has the butt-plate attack and fast reload speed.


  • CF China
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Japan


  • Even though its original counterpart is exclusive for CF China, this gun is released worldwide instead.
  • This weapon have been discovered for a long time in CF China forum, but the first appearance in the game files is in CF North America.
  • CF Philippines is the first version to have a full file of this M4A1-S. This M4A1-S was supposed to be released on July 25 along with DE Born Beast Noble Gold but the GMs cancelled/delayed its release for some unknown reason.
  • CF Vietnam accidentally used this gun's image and name when putting the M4A1-S Transformers Noble Gold on sale via Casino Royal Webmall, leading to players believing it's a new gun, only to be disappointed when the piece they bought turned out to be something they already own. VTC's Support Group decided to offer refund for these players in case they don't want the new gun they bought due to their mistake.



Cross Fire NA UK M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold !-0

Cross Fire NA UK M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold !-0

M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold CROSSFIRE China 2

M4A1-S-Beast-Noble Gold CROSSFIRE China 2.0 (EXP)

CrossFire China M4A1-S Beast Noble Gold

CrossFire China M4A1-S Beast Noble Gold