M4A1-S Mori is an exclusive assault rifle variant of M4A1 Silencer.


Different from the M4A1-S Halloween, this gun has a partial dark-blue color scheme and the silencer is not painted. It has an anime character painted above the magazine, and the word MoRIGunJo is written on the receiver along with some stars. Comes with 35 rounds magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy.


  • CF Japan
  • Not available elsewhere


  • Interestingly enough, even though this gun is from the same line with AWM-Mori, it actually has increased ammo capacity. Also it's not bundled into a Halloween Capsule like the AWM-Mori, but instead has its own capsule.



Cross Fire Japan M4A1-S Mori (Assault Rifle) Review !

Cross Fire Japan M4A1-S Mori (Assault Rifle) Review !

クロスファイア「M4A1ーS Mori」使ってTM

クロスファイア「M4A1ーS Mori」使ってTM

CF Japan: M4A1 S Mori Gameplay (Thanks To Noir31320)

M4A1-Silencer-Mori CROSSFIRE Japan 2

M4A1-Silencer-Mori CROSSFIRE Japan 2.0