M4A1-S Transformers is a VVIP assault rifle variant of M4A1 Silencer.


The M4A1-S Transformers fires 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It has a higher damage rate than the regular M4A1, higher accuracy, higher rate of fire, a suppressor, and buttstock that can be used as a secondary melee attack for close range. The M4A1-S Transformers also has an extraordinarily fast reloading speed compared to any other weapon in the game.


Available in all CrossFire versions


(Compared to the Regular M4A1-S)

  • Increased accuracy.
  • Ultra-fast reload speed.
  • Secondary melee attack (Buttplate melee).
  • Able to perform reload cancel by buttplate melee.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Increased damage.
  • Higher damage on armored enemies.
  • 100% wallbang.

VVIP Features

  • Increased (+2) ammo capacity  (aka All Rifle's in bags gain extra ammo) on all equipped assault rifles.
  • Fast Reload (aka Ultra-Fast Reload Speed).
  • Unexpected Luck (100% XP owner, 15% XP and 10% GP for all players).
  • Buttplate Melee (aka Special Attack).
  • 200% EXP for the owner.
  • 30% EXP for all players in the room (inc. the owner).
  • 20% GP for all players in the room (inc. the owner).




Chest Arm Foot

2 swing

2 swing 1 swing 1 swing
No Armor:

1 swing

1 swing 1 swing 1 swing



Chest Arm Foot

1 Shots

4 Shots 3 Shots 5 Shots

4 Shots

4 Shots 4 Shots 5 Shots


Alternate Skin

Alternate Sounds


  • This gun is available in Black Market in CF Japan. It's also available in the VVIP shop, giving the players a choice to obtain this gun depending in luck or cash.
  • This is one of the two VVIP guns that does not receive discount promo in CF Vietnam, the other being RPK-Infernal Dragon. However, upon its release, players can buy this gun in a package bundled with a few Wave Mode items (premium gems, stabilizers and gem removal coupons).
  • Unlike all other CF versions, in CF Russia this gun is called M4A1-S White Predator. The reason is translation: in Russian "Iron Beast" sounds ugly.
  • CF Vietnam is the only version has fixed this weapon which decreases wallbang & higher recoil than any version.
    • Also in CF Vietnam, this gun has TWO variants. The permanent variant, has all VVIP perks and the temporary one, that doesn't have any VVIP perks and has a damage bar.
  • The gun received the wallbang feature in a hidden update in CF North America.
    • CF Español also received the full wallbang feature in a "bug update".
  • If you look closely, the grip's HUD of this weapon when being color-customized looks different from the original one.