The M4A1-X is a variant of the standard M4A1.  


In real life, it is one of the multiple M4 variants in the M4A1 RIS System. This particular variant is primarily used for close quarters combat. 

In CF, the M4A1-X functions similarly to the standard M4A1 albeit, with a new look, more damage, better accuracy and less recoil. It is often compared to the LR300 ML since both are nearly identical in-game (of course, with the M4A1-X having better stats).


  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines 
  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia


Silenced M4A1-X, despite not having a normal variant available. Comes with silencer and front handle removed, making it behaves like a normal M4A1-S without carrying handle. Reloads a bit faster than M4A1-X.

See also: M4 Commando, a closest match to M4A1-XS with red bandage.



  • After nearly one year missing in CF Vietnam, the M4A1-X was added in 2014 November patch as GP item - strangely, it has 35 rounds and 105 in reverse, effectively making both Camo and Halloween here useless. Until now, the weapon remains the same, so its stats can be intentional. Also, thanks to this, most players will sell their M4A1 (if they have) & purchase M4A1-X (which has slightly lower rate of fire but larger capacity as well as 3 spare magazines) as M4A1-X is only 3000 GP expensive than normal M4A1. If using in Zombie Mode, the total spare magazine will be tripled as 315 (much more than M4A1's case as 180).
  • CF Brazil has removed the M4A1-X from the Shop, probably because the Camo version is on GP Black Market.
  • CF Philippines removed this gun from the Mega Lotto for a limited time only. After its removal, it is available as an event item for 7 days when players can top-up and purchase 50 eCoins.



CrossFire - M4A1-X - Weapon Gameplay04:48

CrossFire - M4A1-X - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam - M4A1-X ☆03:22

CrossFire Vietnam - M4A1-X ☆

Crossfire Weapon Review M4A1-X03:43

Crossfire Weapon Review M4A1-X

Review M4A1-X - CrossFire AL (PT-BR) (HD 720p) (Renewal)03:20

Review M4A1-X - CrossFire AL (PT-BR) (HD 720p) (Renewal)

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