M60 introduces its new version that is made of unique silver skin with lighter weight. With greater mobility and additional ammo, this new elegant-looking version grabs attention from collectors for sure.
- Weapon description

M60-Ultimate Red Silversmith is a machine gun variant of M60 featured in CrossFire.


This gun features the silver coat along with red stripings on the weapon, just like the M4A1-S URSS.

It also has an expanded magazine capacity to 150-rounds per magazine and has lighter weight.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Moderate accuracy.
  • High rate of fire.
  • High magazine capacity.


  • Slow reloading speed.
  • Slow drawing speed.
  • Heavyweight.
  • High recoil.
  • Accuracy losses when spraying.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia


  • This weapon uses the old model of M60, though it has more detailed texture.
  • This is the only permanent M60 variant in CrossFire Vietnam and Indonesia, as the M60-Adv is only available as rental item.
  • In CFPH, this weapon, along with Mauser M1896-Hellfire and TRG-21-Red Bandage has been removed from their perspective lotto packages and is bundled together in a single lotto/capsule, with added discount when purchasing spins/capsules for a limited time before its removal in the Mega Lotto on May 2.


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