MG36 is a kind of machine gun featured in CrossFire.


MG36 is a machine gun from on G36 family - it comes with deployed bipod to increase stability and a dual-drum mag, similar to M16A3 LMG that holds 100-round drum magazine (with 100 in reserve). Among all MGs, the MG36 has a moderately good performance - good firepower, moderate firing speed and recoil, and the equipped dot-sight scope allows it to make accurate shoot at long range. It also draws and reloads very fast comparing to the G36K, and can be well competed against L86 LSW.


  • High damage dealing
  • High accuracy for a machine gun
  • Usable Scope
  • Moderate recoil
  • Lighter than most machine guns
  • Standard machine gun ammo capacity
  • Fast reload speed
  • Fast draw speed


  • Still a heavyweight compared to assault rifles & SMGs
  • Average rate of fire. (even while using scope)
  • Easily runs dry.


  • CF Philippines
  • CF China
  • CF Europe
  • CF Russia
  • CF Español
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia



Cross Fire China -- MG36 -GamePlay-!01:54

Cross Fire China -- MG36 -GamePlay-!

CrossFire Philippines 203:30

CrossFire Philippines 2.0 MG36 ☆

CF China MG36 showcase by svanced03:14

CF China MG36 showcase by svanced

MG36 CROSSFIRE China 203:20

MG36 CROSSFIRE China 2.0

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