The MP5 Advanced/MP5 Silencer is a submachine gun variant of the MP5.


The MP5 Advanced is a variant of the original MP5 and contains 10 more bullets per clip. This version is also slightly more accurate and has a slightly faster reload speed. This makes the gun superior to weapons such as the MP7 and the P90. The MP5-Adv. also comes with an attached supressor.

This gun can be obtained for 1900 ZP (7 days) and Bronze crates from zombies. In CF Europe the MP5 Adv. can be bought for 48,000 GP permanently.

Many high ranking players make this their weapon of choice, because of its silencer, clip and decent bullet damage. The suggested tactic for MP5-Adv. is rushing and Ghost Mode since it will be superior to the Assault rifles but not to SMGs in close range.


  • +10 extra bullets (with a total of 40 rounds).
  • Slightly improved accuracy and reload speed.
  • Silencer (Makes gunshots only audible at very close ranges).



CrossFire - MP5 Adv - Weapon Gameplay05:13

CrossFire - MP5 Adv - Weapon Gameplay

MP5 Adv gameplay

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