Mauser M1896-Ultimate Silversmith is a variant of the powerful Mauser M1896.


Mauser M1896-Ultimate Silversmith sports a silver plated frame and barrel with exotic flower engravings. This pistol features both semi-automatic and three-round burst firing mode with an extended clip of three rounds (+3).

One feature that must be noted is that compared to the original Mauser M1898, the Ultimate Silversmith variant has a more definable block-shaped slide, as well as a longer barrel. Altogether, the Mauser Ultimate Silversmith is a great addition to anyone's collection with its unique design.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Español


  • The Mauser USS uses a new model based on the standard Mauser C96 with a 140mm (5.5 inch) barrel length. The original Mauser M1896 model in CF is based on the Mauser C96 Bolo, which has a shorter 99mm (3.9 inch) barrel.
    • Newer Mauser variants like the Ultimate Goldsmith and Libra variants also use the newer model.
  • The Mauser M1896 Ultimate Silversmith shares its engraving design with the Jackhammer Ultimate Silversmith.
  • An ongoing bug in the Mauser M1896 Ultimate Silversmith is the fact that a quick glimpse of the bullets in the magazine can be seen while drawing out this Mauser. Up to date, no other variant shares this type of bug.
  • In CF China, this gun actually arrives after the M1896-Ultimate Goldsmith, despite the fact that UGS variant is a reskin of this gun. Fun fact: The M1896 UGS actually uses M1896 USS model file, yet CF China released this gun only after the UGS variant has been added.


CrossFire Vietnam - M1896-Ultimate SilverSmith (Mauser USS) -Review- !04:57

CrossFire Vietnam - M1896-Ultimate SilverSmith (Mauser USS) -Review- !

CrossFire Vietnam Mauser M1896-Ultimate SilverSmith ☆03:21

CrossFire Vietnam Mauser M1896-Ultimate SilverSmith ☆

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