Melee Weapon

The "shovel" is an example of a melee weapon.

Melee weapons are close-range styled weapons. Some melee weapons have enough power to kill an opponent with a single thrust into the head or anywhere on the body.

Melee weapons come with two functions. Left click will give you a hasty attack which can be repeated rapidly. However, right click gives you a much more powerful, yet lengthy to execute attack.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Melee weapons aren't too heavy but can be a bit tricky to use since each of them requires timing for you to use them. However, melee weapons are close range weapons, as a result, this puts you at a severe disadvantage if the target is out of the melee range.

List - Variants


  • The term "melee" is taken from the French word "mêlée" which means "close quarter brawl". This term has been used widely since 1640s.

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