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MG3 Gold

Machine Gun





Obtained by

Black Market

Magazine Size


Fire Mode

Full Automatic


7.62x51mm NATO


MG3 Gold is a machine gun variant of MG3. It's available only in Black Market in CF Vietnam, CF Indonesia, CF Philippines and CF Europe. It has an increased ammo capacity to 150/150, reduced recoil, higher accuracy and slightly more powerful compared to the original MG3, considerably making it the best machine gun for hunting Mutants in Mutation Mode, Hero Mode and Hero Mode X. Considering that the MG3 Gold has the same ammo capacity as the Gatling Gun, high damage dealing and fairly low recoil, faster reload than the FN M249 MINIMI medium weight, it is suitable for all purposes: defense position, camping, or hunting Mutants. So all in all it is a very good, if not the best gun for modes such as Mutation Mode.

In all CF version, this gun is available in Black Market, apart from CF NA/UK, where the MG3 and the MG3 Gold are available in Event crates.

Availability Edit

  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Southeast Asia


  • MG3 Gold is one of the few gold weapons to receive an Ultimate Gold variant, the others being AWM, Kriss Super-V (although the golden Kriss had been scrapped) and Desert Eagle.
  • In CF Philippines, the MG3 Gold was available in the GP Lotto for a limited time.
  • If the player keep spraying the gun for too long, the HUD will start to shake stronger, while the others MG3 variants are not affected by this. Whether or not this is a glitch is still unknown.

Gallery Edit


CrossFire - MG3 Gold - Weapon Gameplay04:36

CrossFire - MG3 Gold - Weapon Gameplay

MG3 Gold gameplay

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