Micro Galil is a submachine gun featured in CrossFire.


Micro Galil is a compact version of Israel assault rifle Galil. It retains the internal features of the original Galil with a completely new frame, operating system and an even shorter barrel. The weapon is chambered with 5.56×45mm NATO caliber and uses 35-round detachable box magazine.

This weapon has a good accuracy, but has a moderate damage dealing, and medium recoil. The reloading speed is also on the average and the firing speed is quite slow than any other weapon in its class.


Version difference

  • CF China and CF North America feature all advanced variants of this gun with +15 rounds magazine, while other CF versions feature 'em with only +5 rounds magazine.



  • The other name for this gun is Galil MAR.
  • This gun had both unusable scope and laser that were added on top and under the gun.
  • Micro Galil is technically not a submachine gun, but rather a carbine, as it uses the full 5.56 NATO cartridge. It happens since K1A considered as a submachine gun by the South Korea government.

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