Micro Galil Silencer is a submachine gun variant of Micro Galil featured in CrossFire.


It features a silencer, making it possible to fire without causing much noise and giving tactical espionage in matches.

It is very useful in Ghost Mode as players could spray randomly without disturbing their teammates, while they can still be able to hear Ghosts' breath and footsteps.


  • CF North America
  • CF Japan
  • CF Europe
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea



Micro-Galil Silenced Review & Gameplay03:03

Micro-Galil Silenced Review & Gameplay

CrossFire NA Micro Galil Silenced Gameplay06:06

CrossFire NA Micro Galil Silenced Gameplay

CrossFire - Micro Galil SIlencer - Weapon Gameplay05:26

CrossFire - Micro Galil SIlencer - Weapon Gameplay

Micro Galil Silencer gameplay

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