Monaco is one of the Team Deathmatch maps featured in CrossFire.


  • Monaco (Most versions).


Each year when the Grand Prix season in Monaco begins, hordes of people gather to watch the race and they dominantly are the richest people of the world, leading to the creation of a famous joke which says "half of the people we pass by are millionaires".

But, when the world’s finest financial people are gathered together, there are some people against them who has impure plans. Interestingly, those people are NCO (New Communism Organization) fellows who have decided to take an action by terrorizing the circuit and contacted BL to hire them for the mission.

But, due to the presence of the GR response units patrolling around the circuit, BL had asked for tons of money for the risk they will face if the GR intercepts them.

Before the F1 Grand Prix races which were planned to be started after being signaled by replica gunfires and confettis begin, the real gunfire was heard instead, leading to the starting of the deathmatch between BL and GR inside the circuit.


In the map, both Global Risk team and the Black List team start at the opposite ends of the map. There is an open courtyard in the center which separates both factions' starting points, with several stalls in the courtyard acting as obstacles in between. Also, the courtyard is surrounded between buildings with balconies as good spots to snipe. There is another way to flank into the enemy's site. There is a road leading away from the courtyard which is shaped like a crescent with several cars for obstacles. There is also a building whose rooftop is accessible for snipers to scout the road. The building for spawning point (starting point) for both teams have a second level which is useful for sniping. The second level of the GR's building is featured with windows and a side balcony, while the second level of the BL's building is featured with crates and a big billboard, in which both features allow both factions to snipe and cover.


Most players will try and snipe their enemies, so throw a smoke grenade in the middle of the map if you are going to give the snipers a few bullets to their head. Also, it should be noted that the Black List base has better sniper positions.


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