Mosin Nagant is a bolt-action sniper rifle featured in Crossfire.


The Mosin Nagant is a historical bolt-action rifle used by the Russian/Soviet Army during WW1 & WW2 eras. In CrossFire, it serves as a sniper rifle with 5 rounds capacity (25 in reverse). Unlike other sniper rifles, players would need to reload one bullet at a time, but this also allows reload cancel. It also has a unique zoom scope, similar to most WW-2 sniper rifle scopes, but there is only one zoom level.

This gun is the third bolt-action sniper rifle that does not have full power (After M700 and Steyr Elite). It can deal a one shot kill almost all the time when the body or arms are hit. But at rare times, it fails to kill armored opponents with one shot (dealing only like 97 damage).

Also, it's actually faster to not quick switch, because bolt cycling time is quite short, like the R93T2. It also features damage bonus, achieved by performing a jump-shot no-scope which always delivers 1-hit kill when hit. It seems that the Mosin Nagant has an unstable aim while moving, with the shots going to the left of the scope.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Korea
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF North America


Mosin Nagant St. George's Ribbon


  • The Mosin Nagant was one of the most mass-produced bolt action rifles in history, with 37 million units produced and used in various conflicts around the world, even today.
  • The Mosin Nagant in real life was a standard battle rifle, issued to basic Russian troops. But Russian snipers often customized it into a sniper rifle. The model in Crossfire is the M91/30 PU sniper, with a mounted PU 3.5x sniper scope.
    • This particular scope in-fact allowed for 5-round stripper clips to be used for reloading, since it does not get in the way of the rifle's chamber. But in Crossfire, rounds are still loaded one-by-one (presumably for balance).
  • In CF Vietnam, Mosin Nagant has a glitch that prevents the gun from showing up properly if players use male characters. Furthermore, they also cannot reload manually, causing disconnections. This glitch is similar to the AS50's "broken scope", which only occurs on female characters.
    • This gun also has two more glitches, the first one is the same with a completely damaged Dragunov, it can be fired in No-zoom mode like a rifle, where the bullet will go straight to center of the screen while jumping, and it can score 1-hit kill on the body whereas, making this gun is an extremely dangerous weapon in Sniper Only. The second one is the reloading cancel, it works nearly the same with VVIP Characters method (VVIP Characters using LMB + R + E, this one using LMB + R + LMB), even more faster, this was discovered after VTC made an event allowing players get the St. George's Ribbon variant for free in 20/11/2015.
      • For unknow reason, VTC don't count both of them as bugs, players can freely using them without the fear of blocking their account.
      • All of them have been fixed.
      • It took VTC total 3 patchs to fixed all glitches, this made Mosin Nagant has the most glitches compare to other weapons in Crossfire.
  • Being a Sniper Rifle, Mosin Nagant receives ammo bonus from AWM Infernal Dragon, thus if players fire all 7 rounds, players' character will insert 7 bullets into the chamber, which is illogical.
  • In CF Philippines, this gun was removed from Mega Lotto.
    • After its removal, this gun is now obtainable as a mini-tournament prize.



CrossFire Vietnam Mosin Nagant ☆03:59

CrossFire Vietnam Mosin Nagant ☆

Cross Fire -- Mosin Nagant without scope!00:34

Cross Fire -- Mosin Nagant without scope!

Cross Fire VietNam -- Mosin Nagant -Review-!04:09

Cross Fire VietNam -- Mosin Nagant -Review-!

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