Round MVP
Round's MVP
(Round Contributor) is a feature that rewards soldiers who contribute the most in each rounds with additional experience points. The feature is based on the end-match MVP, albeit this time it's round based.

At the end of each round, the HUD will display the MVP logo and the in-game name of the player who:

1. Defused the bomb (S&D/Ghost mode only). If the bomb wasn't defused, then

2. The player who planted the bomb gets the award. If the bomb wasn't planted or defused, or there is no bomb, then

3. The player who dealt the most damage that round receives MVP.

This will count toward players' bonus EXP at the end of the match, and the player that has most MVP awards will be awarded with MVP title at the end of the match.



  • It is most likely based on Counter Strike's Most Valuable Player that acts similarly, but actually reward players.
  • Not to be confused with the MVP award given at the end of a match, given to players that deal the most damage.


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