The Mutation Jacket is used to protect the solider a.k.a the player from one attack from the mutant (zombie), and also gives the mutants extra armor points (1000 normal , 1100 if normal armor is equipped). Basically the armor is 1 time only so if the mutants respawned the armor points won't regenerated.

It's available in Item Shop in every CrossFire version and you can buy it using the (ZP , VCoin , etc ... ) currency.

It's also available in M60-Adv crates.

It is only used in Mutation Modes (Hero Mode , Hero Mode X , Parasite Expansion , Mutation Mode , etc...)

In the normal hero mode , the Hero comes already with a mutation jacket.

In Hero Mode X , the Commando can survive longer in the battle.But still the Xeno won't effect him.

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