Mutant Escape Mode is a new variant of the Mutation Mode.


Unlike its predecessors, MEM supports up to 30 players per room. Soldiers will have to race through the map, navigating obstacles, jumping platforms, clearing corridor with the host mutants behind their back. At the start, everyone will spawn together in the starting position and race forward, and when the counter reaches 0, up to 7 host mutants will be chosen and they respawn at the starting position - from there, it's their jobs to catch up and eliminate soldiers. The map is broken into different sections separated by locked gates which soldiers will have to hold the line until it's opened and allow accessing to a Warp Portal that transports both sides to the next section. Any soldiers who fall off the map will respawn as mutants, making navigating the map even more important.

This mode utilizes the same attack boost mechanic from Hero Mode X but Soldiers start at 280% and each soldier infected / killed adds 20% to this number. The mutant boss Xeno is absent, so Mutants will have to rely on coordinate attack and team works to break through Soldiers' defense - because of this, there are no Commando / Nemesis phrase either.

To aid each side, Soldiers are provided with Ammo Station to refill ammo at important chokepoints, and once a certain number of soldiers reach these points, new paths will open up for Mutants to quickly reach Soldiers' defense position in multiple direction, forcing Soldiers to concentrate and eliminate threats more carefully.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam (soon)



  • This is the first mode that disables character collisions, allowing soldiers to pass through each other. This was probably done to avoid getting stuck in narrow corridor and/or prevent griefing, which was excessively used in classic MMs.