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Mutants are special characters in CrossFire, available in Mutation Mode and all of its variants.

  • Mutants - CF North America and CF Brazil
  • Ghosts - CF China
  • Zombies - Most versions


All mutants represent players in a room that are chosen as host mutants or infected by other mutants. They have very high HP, allowing them to take a lot of hit, but can only use melee attack to infect other soldiers. When getting shot at, mutants will be knocked back (MM/HM) or slowed down on their track (HMX/MKM), making it harder for them to reach Soldiers.

Each mutant has their own special skill, activated by pressing G. Infected/respawn mutants (Except Xeno/Havoc) starts at level 0 and must earn evolve point by infecting other soldiers, getting hit (Hero Mode) or absorb point from other dead mutants. Once a mutant reach Berserk level (2), they gain 2000 more HP and can start using special skill (Cost 500 HP each). Reaching Titan level (5) nets them another 2000 HP.

Mutants type

Mutants Names / Skills Information
Icon Mutants Mutants Default mutant in the North American version. While his attack are slower, it has a longer reach than the Dread mutants.
Speed Boost
Icon Dread Dreads Default mutant in every other versions. As the very first mutant ever designed, in first person; it's simply a human with claws.
Speed Boost
Icon Maiden Maiden Mutated woman nurse with partial invisibility abilities as well as being able to jump higher than most other mutants in the game.
High Jump / Partial Invisibility
Icon Smoke Smoke Mutated general officer with a mechanical backpack merged to his body, used to spew out smoke screens to blind soldiers.
Black Smoke Screen
Icon Assassins Assassins A cunning mutant who managed to aqcuire special repulse grenades which disrupt the position of soldiers.
Repulse Grenades
Nano Corpse Enchantress Reanimated corpse seeking for life essences. She acts fairly similar to Maidens, but jumps way higher using her skill.
High Jump / Higher Jump.


Icons Items Information
ItemIcon 333 Mutation Spike A melee weapons that every mutants can use for a faster attack and longer reach. Gives out double evolution points.
ItemIcon 335 Mutation Jacket A special jacket that give soldiers an additional shot before getting infected. Also give extra armor points to mutants.
ItemIcon 425 Knock Back Reduce An item that reduce the stun and knock back effects on mutants, but they might have a hard time to escape.


  • When a mutant reaches 500 health point or below, it will start flashing red light.

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