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Mutation Mode
Mutation Mode is a round based mode that throw soldiers into quarantined territories in an attempt to survive armies of playable mutants characters. The mode is available in every versions of the game under the following alias:
  • Mutation Mode (Most Versions).
  • Zombie Mode (Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia).
  • Nano Mode (South Korea).
  • Biochemical Mode (China).
  • Pandemic Mode (Japan).

Description Edit

Both factions, now teaming up, must prepare for the incoming infection as they have approximately twenty seconds to find a decent spot to defend in their current quarantined zone. Once the countdown is done, two soldiers will turn into mutants and attempt to spread the infection onto every soldiers or else they win after two minutes and a half. It is possible to completely eradicate every mutants as they do not respawn once killed.

The MutantsEdit

Main article: Mutants

Forming the Mutants side against Soldier, the Mutants have advantage of very high HP (starting at 2000), but they can only use melee attacks (their own claws or the Mutation Spike). The two "host" mutants automatically starts at Berserk level, all other infected mutants will start at normal level and have to work their way up to use special skills. Mutants can also evolve, absorb or recover health if they want to survive as much as they can. When mutants are evolving, they gain few more health points and will eventually be able to use special skills depending of their current mutant.

  • Evolution: As mutants infect others they will evolve into other forms with more health.
    Mutation Hex3
  • Absorption: It is possible for mutants to absorb other mutant dead bodies to evolve.
  • Recovery: When standing still for several seconds, mutant will then regenerate health.

Mutants & ItemsEdit

Mutants Names / Skills Information
Icon Mutants Mutants Default mutant in the North American version. While his attack are slower, it has a longer reach than the Dread mutants.
Speed Boost
Icon Dread Dreads Default mutant in every other versions. As the very first mutant ever designed, in first person; it's simply a human with claws.
Speed Boost
Icon Maiden Maiden Mutated woman nurse with partial invisibility abilities as well as being able to jump higher than most other mutants in the game.
High Jump / Partial Invisibility
Icon Smoke Smoke Mutated general officer with a mechanical backpack merged to his body, used to spew out smoke screens to blind soldiers.
Black Smoke Screen
Icon Assassins Assassins A cunning mutant who managed to aqcuire special repulse grenades which disrupt the position of soldiers.
Repulse Grenades
Nano Corpse Enchantress Reanimated corpse seeking for life essences. She acts fairly similar to Maidens, but jumps way higher using her skill.
High Jump / Higher Jump.
Icons Items Information
ItemIcon 333 Mutation Spike A melee weapons that every mutants can use for a faster attack and longer reach. Gives out double evolution points.
ItemIcon 399 Mutation Grenade A biochemical grenade that only affects mutants and deals massive damages. Buyable or pickable in supplies.
ItemIcon 334 Mutation Mags This item give half of currently equipped weapons back on top of their initial ammunitions (stacks with other mags).
ItemIcon 335 Mutation Jacket A special jacket that give soldiers an additional shot before getting infected. Also give extra armor points to mutants.
ItemIcon 425 Knock Back Reduce An item that reduce the stun and knock back effects on mutants, but they might have a hard time to escape.

Supply DropsEdit

If soldiers ever need additional ammunition or weapons, they will be able to collect supply crates that drop every 50 seconds (2:10, 1:20 and 0:30). Additionally, there's a Christmas version of the supply crates, however it hasn't been brought back since a while. Whatever these boxes contains vary in every versions; these are the common items:

  • Ammo Refills: Self-explanatory, whatever primary weapon soldiers is using will be fully refilled.
  • Mutation Grenade: A high explosive grenade that only affect mutants and deals tons of damages.
  • RPK: A heavy machine gun with strong power, but have less ammunition than most machine guns.
  • M60-Adv: A variant of the M60 machine gun with a lot more ammunition to defend much longer.
  • Gatling Gun: Most dangerous weapons available, extremely heavy but effective while defending.
  • Others: Certain version vary with different Rifles, SMGs, Secondary and sometime grenades.
  • Thompson: A powerful SMG


The mode offers a great variety of quarantined type maps with various spots available to hold off the forthcoming horde of mutants. These maps are all also available in both Hero Mode and Hero Mode X variants. Note that Nano Desert is an exclusive map and that Merida can be played outside of Hero Mode in the Chinese version:


This mode is based of Counter Strike Online's Zombie: The Original (formerly known as Zombie Mod 1 in the past). However, CSO introduced new features in a new mode named Zombie: The Mutation (Zombie Mod 2), which included: Evolution, Absorbing, Supply Crates, Health Recovery and new type of playable Zombies characters.

CrossFire added exactly the same, by adding a new Mutant (and more later on) and the aforementioned features, but decided to add it to the original mode instead of making a total new one like CSO did. Surprisingly, they even used most of their Zombies ideas for the different Mutants available in Mutation Modes here. Including:

  • Mutants / Dread are most likely based of  the default class, basic zombies with increased movement speed.
  • Maiden is based of the Light class, female zombies that can turn partially invisible and jump slightly higher.
  • Smoke is based of the Psycho class, zombies that deploy black smoke screens to decrease humans view.

Their next installment for this mode also made its way onto CrossFire; CSO's Zombie: The Hero (Zombie Mod 3) brought Hero Mode to CrossFire. Although they did more variants, CrossFire started to make their own, starting with a mode based of previous ones but with new set of rules and characters, thus, Hero Mode X was born.

VTC (publishers of the Vietnamese version) decided to use CSO's original mode names for every variations in their version, starting with Zombie Mod 2. However, it obviously left a gap at the beginning, as CrossFire did not make a separate variation only for the sole purpose of adding new features as they simply ported it to Mutation Mode.

Almost player often camp in this mode. The others run away around the map with moving skills so that the mutants can't get them. We call it pakour.


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