Mystic Island is a launch and exclusive Mutation Knight map sets on various small islands in Japan. Every sections can be accessed via a bridge or multiple launch pads that are located on each islands.


  • Secret Islands (China).
  • Mysterious Island (North America, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil & Europe).


Three small islands with various attractions: the first island contains a large temple with an accessible rooftop, a low-gravity field and various other structures. The second island, which is connected to the first one by a bridge, contains a golden dragon in construction. The third island is isolated, but is still accessible via a launch pad.

What was likely an a tourist attraction once is now a new quarantine zone again inhabited by soldiers with high risks of infection. The low-gravity field, launch pads and the provided supply drops will definitely help in their survival.


Low-Gravity Field Description
Spot Float Multiple floating platforms and rocks in the center of the main island. Soldiers may hold the higher platform and cover their teammates. A shock grenade can easily cover most of the area due to its large radius and help the soldiers a lot.

Dragon Teeth Description
Spot Teeth A golden dragon in the center of the second island, which soldiers may defend the mouth. They may get overwhelmed overtime, so if soldiers can bring some shock grenades, that could potentially save their lives.

Back Room Description
Spot Back There's a small open storage room, located behind the temple, with two entrances that soldiers need to defend, but since there are not on the same side, they need to trust each other and defend their respective sides.

Wooden Planks Description
Spot Planks Some wooden planks located on top on the temple, soldiers will have a good vantage point of the whole island. They will have to cover a large majority of the roof, the main entry points are the ladder, the gravity field and the opposite end of the rooftop.

Torri Gates Description
Spot Pillars Three torii gates on the first island, where the soldiers may camp on the middle one and defend it by covering the other two gates. It is very slippery, so it's quite easy to fall off the side if they are not moving carefully onto them.

Torii Gate Description
Spot Torii A single Torii, located on the third island, which soldiers simply need to cover the stacked crates. It is however likely that mutants attempt to boost on each other to reach them if they are having trouble climbing the crates.


Secret Islands Mutation Knight25:51

Secret Islands Mutation Knight

-CrossFire Indonesia- Mysterious Island (Mutation Knight Mode)22:02

-CrossFire Indonesia- Mysterious Island (Mutation Knight Mode)

Secret Islands (Mutation Knight)16:22

Secret Islands (Mutation Knight)

Secret Island (Mutation Knight)09:48

Secret Island (Mutation Knight)

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