Nano Kitchen
Nano Kitchen is a Hero Mode X map with the gimmick of having the soldiers and mutants being rat-sized in an otherwise normal sized kitchen, which therefore makes it appear giant for them.


  • CF China: Giant Kitchen
  • CF Brazil: Kitchen (Soon)


This map features a common Kitchen with various objects such as sinks, heat vent, ingredient boxes, plates, pots and stoves. Due to soldiers and mutants being rat-sized, there are several jumping pads and ziplines to travel from places to places.

One unique change in this map is that at the start, all soldiers will be confined in the heat vent, and the gate will open when the countdown reaches 3. This effectively eliminate any pre-setup camping group or hiding, forcing soldiers to rely on their skills to dodge mutants during the first 30 seconds to survive.



  • This gimmick was explored numerous times in Counter-Strike modding scene.
    • Counter-Strike: Online also featured this gimmick in the map named: Rats.