Nano Mall is a Mutation, Hero and Hero Mode X map sets within an abandoned shopping mall. It contains a large amount of spots for soldiers to hold to survive in this quarantined zone.


  • Nano Mall (N. America & Indonesia).
  • Ruin Mall (Japan & Europe).
  • Shopping (Latin America).
  • Super Market (Russia)
  • Death Center (China).
  • Hospital (Vietnam).


Store Rooftops Description
Spot Tops -

Downstairs Store Description
Spot Down -

Highest Top. Description
Spot High -

Glass Floor. Description
Spot Glass -

Glass Panels Description
Spot Panels -

Closed Store Description
Spot Cage -

Exhibit Panel. Description
Spot Exhibit -

Open Store Description
Spot Store -

Direction Panels Description
Spot Arrow -

Fountain Description
Spot Fountain -

Long Bridge Description
Spot Long -


  • This map was originally named Ghost Hospital in CF Vietnam, until Dec 2010 patch that changed it to Ancient Hospital. Like with the Death Crossroad, this was done to tone down CF's violence level.
  • Due to the nature of this map, Maiden/Enchantress mutants work best on reaching soldiers' defense thanks to their ability. CF Vietnam players often try to kick out people using these mutants and are countered by a rather funny protest: "Hospital won't be hosptial without nurses" (Which is Maiden's former human form).


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