Naval Base is a Hero Mode X map located at military port. The main gimmick is the warship that is slowly arriving near the base, which can help the soldiers make their way onto another part of the base with a mounted Gatling Gun.


  • CF China: Naval Base.
  • No other versions yet.


The soldiers starts off at a dinner near a docking area. This part of the base contains a large crane near few containers, a control room with interactive door panels to secure it and the aforementioned dinner. There are four gates that lead to other parts of the base, but they are closed until the vessel arrives.

Upon arrival, every gates open, which allow both soldiers and mutant to aboard the ship, which more or less acts as a bridge connecting to the other part of the base, which is the cargo bay. There's a ramp that leads to the a hanging container with a mounted Gatling Gun on top of it. Which may prove to be useful for soldiers.


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