Night Fall
NightFall is a Ghost Mode and Shadow Mode map sets on multiple building rooftops during an stealth mission by Black List operatives.


  • Rooftops (Most versions).
  • Nocturnal (South America).
  • Terrace (Vietnam).
  • Building Rooftop (Philippines, Indonesia & Europe).
  • NightFall (North America).


NightFall is a darker map in which (just like the other Ghost Mode maps) black list and global risk clash. NightFall is one of CrossFire's newest additions to the Ghost Mode region and is highly considered to be one of the better maps for Ghost Mode all across CrossFire. With clever positioning and the ability to use different strategies both ways, NightFall easily becomes both a balanced and enjoyable map. Although NightFall or any other map has no story, one can easily assume that the BlackList have been attempting to secure a military project and are going invisible in order to keep the mission on-going and successful. Global Risk has found out about this facility based off Intel, and have moved in to counter terrorism.

Global Risk

You have to protect the bomb planting sites from the Ghosts team. The Global Risk base is close enough to the bomb planting sites, this way they can protect it from the Ghosts team. If you're going to relax, close one eye and open one, if not, you are going to be killed by the Ghosts. The Global Risk team is very easy to attack on this map. Be careful and hear the ghosts breath with more attention.

Black List

You are in the Ghosts team. Do what you can to blow up the sites before the Global Risk team find you. If possible, use combat axe or shovel etc. On this map, you must do your best, because if you don't be quiet, the Global Risk team can hear your breath.


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