P90 is a submachine gun that featured in CrossFire.


The P90 is a submachine gun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. It is fed with 50 rounds of FN 5.7×28mm.

The weapon has a low damage dealing and suffers high recoil. Even though, it still has very high rate of fire, light body and large magazine capacity. This gun has a fairly long draw and reload speed, making it inferior against most modern SMGs.

Tips & tricks

  • Fire in bursts of no more than 4 shots at a time. The recoil settles quickly.
  • Try not to reload if there are more than 30 rounds in the magazine as it takes +4 seconds to reload. Reload when the area is secure.
  • Utilize the SMG's light weight and strafe back and forth to avoid enemy fire.
  • Avoid rushing enemies in the open, like on maps such as Port as even semi-competent enemies can easily gun you down with rifles.
  • Headshots ARE possible with this weapon, but only effectively out to medium range. The unintentional bursting makes single shooting for headshots more difficult.


SMG P90-Camo P90 WCG P90 WEM
P90 CFS2014 P90 Balance P90 WildShot
CFS Balance Wild Shot
P90 WildShot FW
Fatal Wasp


  • The name "P90" is an abbreviation of "Project 90".
  • It's illogical if the FN 5.7x28mm caliber fired from P90 can only deal small damage of stopping power to enemies less superior to most sub-machine guns in the game since the caliber should be able to pierce through armors easily.
  • P90 features an unusable Red Dot Sight.


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