PSG-1 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle featured in CrossFire.


PSG-1 (Präzisions Schützen-Gewehr, German for "Precision Shooting Rifle") is one of the most well-known semi-automatic sniper rifles ever made in the history of modern firearms.

It was developed by the German as a response to the terrorism massacre occurred in the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, West Germany, causing the deaths of several Israeli athletes.

The PSG-1 is designed for police use, with high accuracy performance in order to enable them taking down hostiles from afar.


The PSG-1 fires 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. It has low accuracy for a sniper rifle, and fast firing rate since it is semi-automatic. The light weight is the advantage of this gun.


  • Retains full damage when wallbang (confirmed in CF Vietnam).
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be bought permanently (most CF versions).
  • Semi-automatic.


  • Low damage (1 hit headshot, 2-3 hits to kill normally, If enemy is weakened, 1 hit is possible.) ( there are exceptions, however)
  • Single scope phase (confirmed in CF Vietnam).
  • Slow reload time.
  • Can't be bought permanently (CF China only).
  • Low magazine capacity (5 or 10 round).
  • Slow rate of fire.


Sniper PSG-1 C PSG-1-GOLD BI
Camo Gold
Sniper PSG-1 RD
Red Dragon


  • During the beta version in CF China, this gun features a big green scope in game with some lines such as "H&K PSG-1" and "Crossfire" on its body, but it has been changed to final model.
    • Also during the beta version, the firing rate of this gun was very fast, it could shoot 250 rounds per minute with the zoom, defeated Knight SR-25 Burning Shot in PVE mode, but it only has 5 rounds per magazine and the recoil was too high.



Cross Fire China -- PSG-1 Old Version 2008!02:35

Cross Fire China -- PSG-1 Old Version 2008!

Cross Fire China -- PSG-1 Old Version 2008 (With Old Weapon Attributes)!02:39

Cross Fire China -- PSG-1 Old Version 2008 (With Old Weapon Attributes)!

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