PSG-1 Red Dragon is a sniper rifle variant of PSG-1 featured in CrossFire.


This sniper rifle features a red dragon skin and extended five bullets per magazine. It is usually a 2-shot sniper rifle even on the head sometimes. However, its firing rate and accuracy is pretty good for a sniper rifle. It fires an average of 2 shots per second. Also unlike the AWM it only has a 1.5x scope which makes close quarter sniping easier and long range sniping harder.

In CF Vietnam, it can be only won from the Black Market.

This gun can be found in Weapon boxes in Biohazard map (Challenge Mode).


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Korea
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Europe
  • CF Indonesia


  • CF Vietnam has THREE variants for this gun. The permanent and temporary one, have their both ingame name as PSG-1 Dragon, ammo: 15/30. Meanwhile the 3rd variant, only obtain via from Biohazard crates, has ingame name is PSG-1 Red Dragon, ammo: 10/30.
  • This weapon features a different design than other Red Dragon weapons, having a darker shade of red, and smaller dragon and cloud ornaments. This might be due to it being the very first Red Dragon weapon released in CrossFire.
  • In CFNA, it used to be available permanently by trading it for 70 coupons. Now, it is only obtainable temporarily by accomplishing sniper achievements or through Zombie Mode Crates.
  • In CFPH, by completing the final Sniper Badge, players will receive 5 lotto spins/capsules of PSG-1 Red Dragon.



CrossFire VN - PSG-1 Red Dragon07:33

CrossFire VN - PSG-1 Red Dragon

Review of the PSG-1 RD04:01

Review of the PSG-1 RD

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