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TechCard Artillery
Panther is a Class card in Wave Mode . It's available to all players by default.
  • Panther (Most versions).
  • Light Artillery (China).     
  • Panzer (Philippines).                      


Just like Medic, the Panther fills the role of supporting his team but from distance instead of in the front line. The portable mortar he carries can get rid of enemy players and towers from behind cover as long as he aims properly.

Default Skill

Panther carries more ammunition than other classes, and this number is decided by how many players in the same room.

Active Skill

When level 5 is reached, pressing F will let him bring out his L9A1 portable Mortar. Unlike the fixed one dropped by helicopters, Panther must manually aim his mortar before firing a shot.

Because of the ranged weapon and its ability to land on key spot, Panther should concentrate on helping teammates during supply boxes rush - staying behind the wall and shoot Mortar into the drop zones will effectively prevent enemy players from staying inside and/or wounding them badly so your teammates can finish them off. Beware of Airstrike and enemy Panthers (They may know your position if their teammates spot you and tell them, thus they can aim for you instead). It's recommended to stay near your Tower so enemy Juggernaut and Shock will have trouble trying to rush you.

Skill Upgrades

This section is incomplete:
Mortar Reload Time Decreased. 1% - - 4% - 10%
- - 20%
Mortar Damage Increased. 1% - - 7% - 17% 21% - - 35%
Ammunition Capacity Increased. 0% - - 3% - 7% 9% - - 15%


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