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Plasma Knife is a new melee weapon in CrossFire.


It's basically another form of the IAS-Laser, albeit with proper sticks and lasers glows out of it. This weapon shares the same animation with IAS-Laser, but with different sound effect.

Plasma Knife is also desginated for zombie slaughtering, so when wielded in ZM, it features a charging bar that fills up over time. When it's full, RMB will activate anti-zombie mode and turns the laser from cyan to red, giving it devastating damage against zombies with special attacks / animation. Combined with Berserk skills in classic ZM maps, this weapon is capable of two-hit kill a Giant Slug, same with 10 direct headshots from AA-12 Buster.



  • High damage dealing on secondary attack
  • Long attack range
  • Lightweight


  • Tremendous damage on charged mode
  • Long attack range
  • Lightweight



  • Low slash (primary attack) rate
  • Low damage on primary attack
  • Deals 99 damage to unarmored head


  • Requires some time to charge the bar
  • Low slash (primary attack) rate


  • CF China


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