Police Baton-Ultimate Silver is a melee variant of the Police Baton.


Same with other US weapon, it features a full and excess silver plating textures all around its body. Otherwise it's same with original counterpart.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Fast primary attack.
  • Fast swinging rate.
  • Easily to take headshot with primary attack.
  • Quite long range.


  • Quite slow drawing animation.
  • Quite slow to execute secondary attack.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • ​CF Japan
  • CF North America
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español
  • CF Europe
  • ​CF Korea
  • CF Brazil


  • This is currently the first and only Ultimate Silver melee weapon.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon and the M240B-Tesla were bundled in the same crate (dubbed "AI Tesla"), despite it not being an anti-zombie weapon or having any relationship with the latter whatsoever. Many players concluded that was a laughable attempt from VTC to have the M240B-Tesla in a combo crate (note that it's much harder to win desired weapons in combo crates). Nonetheless, Police Baton-Ultimate Silver serves as the secondary best prize, as it isn't valuable enough to be the main best prize in a crate featuring M240B-Tesla.



CrossFire Vietnam 2

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 Police Baton-Ultimate Silver ☆

Cross Fire Russia -- Police Baton-Ultimate Silver (Дубинка Ultimate Silver)!

Cross Fire Russia -- Police Baton-Ultimate Silver (Дубинка Ultimate Silver)!

CrossFire Vietnam 2

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0- Police Baton-Ultimate Silver ☆