Python is a magnum revolver featured in CrossFire.


The Colt Python is a six shot double action revolver chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. It is one of the few handguns wielded with one hand in CF.

It has high accuracy, very fast firing speed, fast draw speed, and fast reloading speed. It deals high damage to the enemy (2-3 hit kills to the body at close range) and it also has very low recoil, allowing for accurate rapid fire.

As a downside, the Python is less effective than the Desert Eagle at long range, due to quicker damage drop as the distance increases.

In CF Vietnam, Python is available in the Item Shop (cash) while CF China sells this gun as a GP item. In CF NA, it is available in the Black Market together with the Colt SAA. In CF Philippines, it can be obtained temporarily through the prizes of the Mini Lotto capsules (3 days best).


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF North America
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil



  • The Python has the fastest firing speed of all handguns in CF (aside from full-auto/3-round burst pistols), capable of emptying its six round cylinder within one second.
  • Originally, the Python is wielded by two hands in both 1st person and 3rd person, but later it was changed to wielded by one hand (see screenshots below).
  • In real life, few shooters can rapid fire the Python loaded with .357 Magnum rounds with one hand while suffering very little recoil, as seen in-game. This is because .357 Mag produces a lot of recoil, noise, and muzzle flash.
  • The Python is known as the finest revolver the Colt Manufacturing Company has ever produced; boasting high accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and slick action. (not known for a high rate of fire like the in-game description says)
  • The Walking Dead TV series prominently features a nickel-plated Python as the main weapon of protagonist Rick Grimes.
    • The Python is also the primary sidearm of Alex Mason, the protagonist of Call Of Duty: Black Ops.


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