RPG/Melee is a new room option available in CF China, CF SEA, CF Vietnam, CF PH and CF North America. It is similar to Melee Only in which players can only use melee weapons. However, upon spawning, everyone will be armed with a RPG-7 which won't go away until they fire it. The rocket will travel around the map in slow-mo until it hits something - during this time, players will resapwn with their melee weapon only. Once the rocket players fired explode, they will get another RPG-7 upon their next respawn.

Occasionally during the match, players may receive bonus ammo for their RPG, in which case they will get two shots upon their next respawn. Both rockets must explode before players can get another RPG, which results in longer melee time but also higher chance to score big streak.

This option is currently available in the following maps:

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