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RPK Infernal Dragon
MG RPK-InfernalDragon

Machine Gun


Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant



Obtained by


Acquision via
Cash Points
  • China: 48,000 CF
  • Indonesia: 80,000 Koin
  • Japan: 28,000 RC
  • North America: 85,000 ZP
  • South America: 98,000 ZP
  • Russia: 4,200 Credits
  • Vietnam: 1,599 Vcoin
  • Europe: 93,000 RP
  • Philippines: 1,600 EC
Magazine Size
  • 170/170 (owner)
  • 190/190 (two RPK ID)
  • 210/210 (three RPK ID)
  • 230/230 (four RPK ID)
  • 250/250 (five RPK ID)
  • 150/150 (if traded)
Fire Mode



7.62x39mm M43

  • 200% Exp Bonus (Owner)
  • 30% Exp Bonus (Others)
  • 20% GPs Bonus (Both)
  • 50% ZM Score Bonus (Owner).
  • 10% ZM Score Bonus (Others)
  • Extra ammo on Machine Guns

RPK-Infernal Dragon is an RPK variant with a dragon themed design, similar to other beast weapons. It was first released along with the AWM-Infernal Dragon and is currently available as:

  • Infernal Dragon (most versions).
  • Serpent Dragon (South America).
  • Panlong Dragon (China).
  • Dragon (Russia).


The RPK-ID has various effects to its owner and every other players in the room. The effects are:

  • 200% Exp bonus for the owner
  • 30% Exp bonus for everybody in the same room
  • 20% GPs bonus for everybody in the same room
  • 50% Points bonus in Zombie Mode for the owner
  • 10% points bonus in Zombie Mode for everybody
  • Addtionnal twenty bullets for every machine gun owned

Thus meaning the owner will have 170 ammo by default on his RPK-ID or 190 if he owns two and equips both. If he trades the gun, the ammo will be 150 for whoever picks it up.


  • Unlike the Points Bonus glitch, the RPK-ID owner will receive the 60% Bonus on-the-fly during ZM match. This applies to both score against zombies/mechs and the Clear Bonus points at the end of each rounds (kill streaks in EMD Lab excluded). This ensures that user with RPK-ID will always get the most points for themselves before anyone else, and in case they get kicked/disconnected, they will still be able to keep some prizes.
  • The points bonus in ZM is displayed after each round ends, except the last round and Mission Bonus, though players will still receive full bonus points.
  • Due to its various bonuses and fair price, the RPK-ID is considered the best VIP gun released up to date. It is highly recommended for players who like Mutation and Zombie Mode, although the Thompson-ID could also be considered.


CrossFire - RPK Infernal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay04:01

CrossFire - RPK Infernal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

RPK Infernal Dragon gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam RPK-Infernal Dragon ☆03:35

CrossFire Vietnam RPK-Infernal Dragon ☆

RPK Infernal Dragon Montage

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