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RPK Infernal Dragon
MG RPK-InfernalDragon

Machine Gun


Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant



Obtained by


Magazine Size
  • 170/170 (owner)
  • 190/190 (two RPK ID)
  • 210/210 (three RPK ID)
  • 230/230 (four RPK ID)
  • 250/250 (five RPK ID)
  • 150/150 (if traded)
Fire Mode



7.62x39mm M43


RPK-Infernal Dragon is an RPK variant with a dragon themed design, similar to other beast weapons. It was first released along with the AWM-Infernal Dragon.


  • Infernal Dragon (Most versions).
  • Serpent Dragon (South America).
  • Panlong Dragon (China).
  • Dragon (Russia).


The RPK-ID has various effects to its owner and every other players in the room. The effects are:

  • 200% Exp bonus for the owner
  • 30% Exp bonus for everybody in the same room
  • 20% GPs bonus for everybody in the same room
  • 50% Points bonus in Zombie Mode for the owner
  • 10% points bonus in Zombie Mode for everybody
  • Addtionnal twenty bullets for every machine gun owned

Thus meaning the owner will have 170 ammo by default on his RPK-ID or 190 if he owns two and equips both. If he trades the gun, the ammo will be 150 for whoever picks it up.


  • This gun was supposed to come alongside AWM-ID in CF Vietnam as of July 2013 patch, but it was left out for unknown reason. Only one month later it was added to VVIP Shop.
  • The RPK Infernal Dragon is the only VVIP gun not to feature any sale-off upon its release in CF Vietnam. The M4A1-S Transformer has the same problem, albeit it could be bought in a package with Wave Mode stuff (Gems, Gem Removal Coupon and Stabilizer device) at no cost for bonus items.
  • Unlike the Points Bonus glitch, the RPK-ID owner will receive the 60% Bonus on-the-fly during ZM match. This applies to both score against zombies/mechs and the Clear Bonus points at the end of each rounds (kill streaks in EMD Lab excluded). This ensures that user with RPK-ID will always get the most points for themselves before anyone else, and in case they get kicked/disconnected, they will still be able to keep some prizes.
  • The points bonus in ZM is displayed after each round ends, except the last round and Mission Bonus, though players will still receive full bonus points.
  • Due to its various bonuses and fair price, the RPK-ID is considered the best VIP gun released up to date. It is highly recommended for players who like Mutation and Zombie Mode, although the Thompson-ID could also be considered.
  • This is the last VVIP weapon to feature an entire set of unique animation. All subsequent VVIP weapons only has faster animation to give it boosted stats, although Thompson ID has a slightly modified draw animation while M4A1-S Jewelry features an unique reload animation as well.



CrossFire - RPK Infernal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay04:01

CrossFire - RPK Infernal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

RPK Infernal Dragon gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam RPK-Infernal Dragon ☆03:35

CrossFire Vietnam RPK-Infernal Dragon ☆

RPK Infernal Dragon Montage

CrossFire - RPK INFERNAL DRAGON Review03:45


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