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Ranked Match is a feature that allows players to play against other players with similar ranks. This feature is available only for countries has upgraded to CrossFire 2.0. These ranks are different than level ranks, for they are brand new ranks that players must earn by winning a set amount of games in specific game modes, including Search & Destroy, Team DeathMatch, Wave Mode and Free For All

Rank None
No Rank
Rank Bronze
Bronze Rank
Rank Silver
Silver Rank
Rank Gold
Gold Rank
Rank Platinum
Rank Diamond


Players may choose either Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Wave Mode. Upon choosing, the system will group a total of ten players into a game, which takes few moments. If Wave Mode is selected, the players will need to select their class card before the system match them in a group; which means it is not possible to change class mid-game.

Each modes have a small selection of maps, which are chosen at random upon grouping players together. They may differ from a map to another, but here are all the maps available for this mode:

The first season of Rank is released along with CrossFire 2.0 update. In this season, player can increase rank via playing in 3 modes: Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Wave Mode.

Ranks available for season 1: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

After about 6 months, 1st season will be closed and all player who have Silver rank or above will received the following:

Note: the rank could change depending on each version.

Ranks available for season 1: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.

There is no new mode for this season, except 2 maps of Wave Mode has been combinated into 1 tab in main UI.

Season 2 will be closed after 2-6 months (depending on the version), congratulations to all players who have Gold rank above:

Note: the rank could change depending on each version.

Most versions added Free for All mode for Season 3.

In Progress.

More information coming soon.

In Progress.

More information coming soon.


Material Rank Requirement Rank Requirement Rank Requirement
Rank Bronze Bronze 1 0 Bronze 3 601 Bronze 5 801
Bronze 2 501 Bronze 4 701 Bronze 6 901
Rank Silver Silver 1 1001 Silver 3 1201 Silver 5 1401
Silver 2 1101 Silver 4 1301 Silver 6 1501
Rank Gold Gold 1 1601 Gold 3 1801 Gold 5 2001
Gold 2 1701 Gold 4 1901 Gold 6 2101
Rank Platinum Platinum 1 2201 Platinum 3 2601 Platinum 5 3001
Platinum 2 2401 Platinum 4 2801 Platinum 6 3201
Rank Diamond Diamond 1 N/A Diamond 3 N/A Diamond 5 N/A
Diamond 2 N/A Diamond 4 N/A Diamond 6 N/A

Clan Ranking



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