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Research Facility is a Mutation, Hero Mode and Hero Mode X map sets within a secret underground laboratory located somewhere in Northern Africa. It was used for biochemical research until mutants escaped and started to spread chaos around the globe.


  • Research Facility (North America).
  • 13th Zone Underground (Japan & Korea).
  • Quarantine (Brazil).
  • Base 13 (Vietnam).
  • Biochemical Laboratory (China).
  • Fatal Zone (Indonesia).


Inside the Cube. Description
Spot Inside -

Cube's Top. Description
Spot Cube -

The Pipes. Description
Spot Pipes -

The Machine Description
Spot Machine -

Second Floor Description
Spot 2nd -

The Water Room Description
Spot Water -

Observation Room Description
Spot Observe -

Crates Description
Spot Stack -

Windows Spot Description
Spot Window -

The Stairs Description
Spot Stairs -

Publicity Panel Description
Spot Panel -

The Room Description
Spot Room -

The Red Zone Description
Spot Red-Zone -

Ventilation Duct Description
Spot Vents -


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