Revive Token is a functional item exclusive to Challenge Mode and Defense Mode in CrossFire.


As its name suggests, Revive Token grants players ability to revive themselves or teammate after losing all of their default lives.

To self-revive, players need to press H when the prompt appear, and to revive teammate, players must travel to where they died and press H while in the revival zone. As long as players have Revive Tokens to spend, they can get killed as many time as they want.

Revive Tokens can be acquired via Item Shop or Reward Crates (Both ZM and DM, x1), Ranking Reward (Players' choice, x10) or Attendance System reward (Saturaday box, random, x10). This item will always be in use and cannot be set inactive.


  • The revival zone only checks players' X & Y position, thus they can be below or above their teammates and still be able to revive them as long as they are inside the radius. This can be useful if time is running out and players cannot dash to their friends in time.
  • Tokens received from Ranking Reward will take over any remaining Tokens players have in their storage. Even though they don't have EA left number, it will show up correctly in-match (x10). However, players will still be using Tokens they bought from Item Shop, so upon first Token usage, the number will go back to normal (i.e if players have x10 Tokens from Ranking Reward, plus 100 they already bought, the HUD with show x10 Tokens, and as soon as one is used, the number changes to 99).
    • This glitch doesn't happen with HypoMed-S however.