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Ribons are a special web-based feature available in CF North America. It works similar to the Achievement System, but the results are tracked via Z8's website, not ingame.

Introduction Edit

Ribbons are achievements that are given after you accomplish a certain milestone. There are two types of ribbons; Ribbons that you can only obtain in game, and ribbons that you can only obtain out of the game. An example of a ribbon that can only be obtained in game would be the Tom Berenger; which is a ribbon that can only be obtained when you have exactly or more than 5000 headshots. An example of a ribbon that is obtained out of the game, would be the Veteran Soldiers; which is a ribbon that is obtained when the creation date of your Cross Fire soldier is one year or older.

How to obtain a ribbon Edit

To obtain a ribbon, you must fit the requirements and complete the tasks on that certain ribbon. An example of a ribbon would be the 'Bow to my Leetness' ribbon; this ribbon requires an in-game ribbon of level Elite Grade B or higher to obtain. Below, is a list of the current ribbons Cross Fire NA currently has. Some ribbons are available and can be obtainable at any time, and some ribbons are not obtainable due to the fact the 'event' to obtain and claim the ribbon had already finished.

Ribbons Edit

Ribbon Image Ribbon Name Objective Reward
Ribbon1 Creationism You obtain this ribbon when you first create a character in Cross Fire --
Ribbon2 Facebook Friends You obtain this ribbon by linking your facebook account through Cross Fire's fan page. USP Handgun
Ribbon3 ZP Soldier You have bought ZP through one of the deposit options --
Ribbon4 Survey Says You have earned ZP through a survey. --
Ribbon5 Veteran Soldier You obtain this ribbon when your Cross Fire character is 1 year old. --
Ribbon6 Bow to my Leetness You obtain this ribbon when you have received a Elite Grade B or higher in-game badge --
Ribbon8 Look at all my Ribbons! You have collected 10 or more ribbons. 5000 GP
Ribbon9 Grenadier You own all 3 of the Basic Cross Fire Grenades. --
Ribbon10 Christmas comes but once a year You own a permanent Christmas weapon. --
Ribbon11 Which side are you on? You have chosen either Global Risk or Black List Rival Faction(s) side. --
Ribbon12 Crate Buster You own 6 different permanent crate guns (either GP or ZP) --
Ribbon13 Gun Hobbyist You currently own more than 15 permanent weapons (starting weapons and knife don't count) --
Ribbon14 Gun Collector You currently own more than 25 permanent weapons. (starting weapons and knife don't count) --
Ribbon17 Aint no party like a SPOP party! You own SPOP character. --
Ribbon19 You're no Tom Berenger You have achieved more than 5,000 headshots. --
Ribbon22 Cross Fire is my Life You have played in at least 5,000 matches. --
Ribbon23 Honorable Soldier You have never been banned in-game for any reason. (this includes accounts that were under investigation too) --
Ribbon29 Sniper Week Reward You earned a prize reward during Sniper week. --
Ribbon30 ZP for Everyone! You have gifted ZP to another account or recieved a gift from another account using the prepaid card gift system. --
Ribbon32 My Ribbons are made of Crystal You have collected 20 or more ribbons. M4A1 Custom Crystal
Ribbon34 Clutch Killer Your Kill/Death Ratio is above 2.0. --
Ribbon35 An army of one You have achieved more then 100,000 kills (resetting your kills and deaths will remove this ribbon) --
Ribbon37 Merry Christmas You logged in the game for Cross Fire Christmas Week from December 24-26 M4A1-Xmas 7 days
Ribbon38 Cross Fire Film Awards 2011 You have won a "best of" category in the Cross Fire Film Awards 2011 Permanent M4A1 Gold Tiger
Ribbon39 I Heart CF You logged in to play Cross Fire on Valentine's Day 2011, 2012 and 2014. --
Ribbon40 A Hero Emerges You achieved and had been rewarded by doing tasks during the Hero Mode opening week --
Ribbon41 Cross Fire Iron Man You have played at least 50 hours of Cross Fire in the month of March 2011 --
Sheriff Showdown Sheriff You have collected at least 5 wanted posters for the 2011 May Patch --
Remember Remember the good ole days You own the Winchester, Thompson and Winchester Scope --
Ribbon101 Seal Team Member You own the Navy SEAL character, the M14 EBR, and the MK23 SOCOM --
Ribbon100 Operation Triton You completed all the event challenges from the Navy SEAL June 2011 Update --
Baws Like a Bawss You have killed over 1000 zombie mode bosses on normal or higher difficulty (you can track your boss kills on the in-game player profile screen) --
Revival Revival of the Fittest You have purchased over 1000 Revive Tokens (tokens received from events and promotions will count towards your total) --
Ribbon48 Costume Contest Winner You received first place in the Cross Fire 2011 Halloween Costume Contest Permanent Halloween Gatling Gun
Ribbion1 Credit to the Clan You have killed at least 10 or more soldiers in 250 clan matches --
Ribbion2 Clan Survivalist You have survived 4+ rounds or more in 250 Clan Matches --
Ribbion3 I have more Ribbons than you! You have obtained 30 or more ribbons 10000 GP
Ribbion4 My Ribbons Breathe Fire You have collected 40 or more ribbons 2 year (720 days) - Shovel Red Dragon
Ribbion5 Xenophobe You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the soldier side has won --
Ribbion6 Lead the Invasion You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the mutant side has won --
Ribbion7 Exterminator You have successfully completed all Hero Mode X patch weekend events --
Ribbion8 Silent Soldier You have achieved 30 or more hours of playing Ghost Mode in March 2012 --
Ribbon60 Nightfall Event If the server total breaks 100,000,000 Kills during the 7 days (May 17th - May 23th) then all players who have logged more than 25 kills during those 7 days. --
Ribbion9 Cross Fire Film Awards 2012 You have been rewarded the 'best of' category in Cross Fire Film Awards 2012 --
Ribbion10 Conquistador You have completed the July 2012 Patch Events 7 days M66 Handgun | 30 days Spain Namecard
War War Machine You have killed the War Monger Zombie Mode boss 100 times on normal difficulty --
SummerGames Cross Fire Summer Games 2012 You participated in the Gold Medal Effort during the Cross Fire Summer Games 2012 --
Ribbon11 Harvest Cross Fire You have logged in for all 7 days during the Harvest Cross Fire 2012 event --
Ribbon65 Theatre of War You have participated in the November 2012 patch event --
Ribbon63 Grizzled Veteran You obtain this ribbon when your Cross Fire Character is 2 years old --
Ribbon66 Real Men Wear Pink Own 3 Pink Guns of the following: Dual Uzi Pink, M4A1 Spring, Dual D.E Pink, M4A1 Pink or AWM Pink --
Ribbon69 Ghost Mode Gauntlet Collect 1000 kills and play 1000 Minutes in Ghost Mode games in March 2013. --
Ribbon68 Operation Mayhem Complete all the events within the given time. --
Ribbon67 CrossFire Mayhem All players need to work together to get 250,000,000 kills between the time given. --
Ribbon70 Christmas in July Win one of the Christmas items in July between July 18 - 31st 2013. --
Ribbon71 Shotgun Week Ribbon Complete all shotgun week challenges. --
Ribbon72 Big Game Hunter You own 5 Permanent Shotguns. --
Ribbon73 Zombie Week Event Achieve 1000 kills or more between October 21 - 28th. --
Ribbon74 Head of the Class Upgrade any one Class Card to its Max Level (10). --
Ribbon75 Tsunami Win 1000 Wave Mode games. --
Ribbon76 Luck of the Irish. Win the top prize on 17th March (GP/ZP Crate). --
New Reserved Reserved for new upcoming ribbons Reserved

Ribbons (Non-Released)Edit

Ribbon Image Ribbon Name Objective Reward

Lead, Follow or get the *&^! Outta the way *(Also an old design of 'Look at all my ribbons')

-- --
Ribbon15 Arms Dealer Owning an amount of characters. --
Ribbon16 Military Intelligence Having a certain amount of posts. --
Ribbon18 My Team Sucks! Having a certain amount of team kills. --
Ribbon21 What shall I wear today? Owning an amount of characters. --
Ribbon24 WOGL Season 2 Participant You've played in the WOGL Season (2). WOGL has been closed down before the confirmation. --
Ribbon25 I found a GM! You've found a GM. --
Ribbon26 There is gold in dem there Hills! You are owning amount of golden weapons. --
Ribbon31 Signed up to be an Officer You've been a clan leader before. --
Ribbonsdesign Old design of Grenadier You own all 6 of the Basic Cross Fire Grenades. --


  • The first CrossFire version to have this system is CrossFire NA/UK.
  • There are only two versions of CrossFire which have this system (CrossFire NA/UK and CrossFire Brazil).
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