Rooftop Party
Rooftop Party is a Guess Me map sets, as the name suggests, on a rooftop area.


  • CF China: Rooftop Party
  • CF Vietnam: Rooftop
  • CF Russia: Rooftop Party


This map forms a rooftop in the above of the house, with various buildings to keep tabs on the inmates. There are several empty buildings with doors and windows for both BL/GR to take cover from, plus a few corridors and corners to confuse your enemies. The same mechanics in Guess Me still applies, however a nifty gimmick has been added to this map. Once the Prisoners successfully steals the 3rd Money Briefcase, a Party will be initialized - all players on Prisoners team will have 5 seconds to prepare to "dance" in order to blend in with the good inmates which will last for 1 minute. The mini-game involves pressing 1,2,3 key as they pass through a flashing box, failing to do this will make player characters stumble and give the Cops clue on who's the real inmates (As good inmates never misses).