The Mini-14 is a small lightweight semi-automatic weapon first introduced in 1974 and manufactured in the U.S, by Sturm, Ruger.
- CF NA Weapon Description

Ruger MINI-14 is an assault rifle featured in CrossFire.


The Ruger MINI-14 is a high-powered and accurate weapon. It has higher damage than Scar Heavy, but has high recoil like a semi-automatic gun. The accuracy is good, but because of its high recoil and low rate of fire, it's much harder to control than the SCAR Heavy.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Korea


  • Do not try to spray at all, it's useless.
  • Pretend it's a handgun. The two round burst will hit target, but third shot in burst will fire off.
  • Strafing is useless.
  • At middle range, stop your movement when shooting.
  • Crouch when you facing long range enemy.


  • This is actually a semi-automatic rifle in the real life, but it's been converted into an automatic rifle in the game instead. However, it has slower firing speed compared to other assault rifles for balancing reason.
  • It is named "Mini-14" because it is a smaller version of M14 rifles.
  • It is mistakenly described as an SMG in the CF Indonesia's weapon description.



CrossFire VN - Ruger Mini 1403:46

CrossFire VN - Ruger Mini 14

CrossFire - Ruger Mini 14 - Weapon Gameplay06:45

CrossFire - Ruger Mini 14 - Weapon Gameplay

Ruger Mini 14 Gameplay

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